hm....lets say hello first
and about me....i just an ordinary person who a little bit hard to get along with...
( that what ppl in my fam said hahaha...)

well...basically this tumblr just about
my "once upon a time"
like what i "like", so its...
Architecture -my major-
V6 -my fav band-
photography -one of my hobby, mostly drawing-
and some random thing that i found interesting

so...douzo.... ^.^



New footage of BC doing the voice and motion capture for Smaug (X)

the reason why i love motion capture so much!


Thor 2 - AU

Loki: The risks are too great.
Thor: The risk is far greater if we do nothing. There is no other way.

YES, i am watching Teen Wolf because of Stiles character, and NO, i am not STEREK shipper.

(no offend, seriously, my friends is diehard sterek shiper and i’m cool with it)

so, for some people out there who assume that everyone who love Dylan Fucking O’brien acting skill as stiles is BIASED because of “The holy love of sterek” and being hallucinated by it, well….you are wrong, because there will always be people like me, who truly enjoy his acting to live up the character.

And i am sure i am not alone *wink*
(btw, i love mama scott too)

ps: and i believe a lot of sterek shiper know what a real acting skill is (see my friends) SO….CHEER UP GUYS!!!!

'Teen Wolf' Leaks Serious Spoilers For Upcoming Episodes Of Season 3 And 4

"Originally, Stiles’ birth name was thought to be his maternal grandfather’s"___ 

is he japanese? i mean, must be not a common name if everyone keep miss spelling it…..

Finally watching Teen Wolf


Congrats tumblr, I’m watching Teen Wolf because of you :/

Up to episode 2: Thoughts so far:
This show is absolutely ridiculous what am I watching
Stiles is great
Scott is kinda boring idk
Derek is just kinda there

same here with me, thanks to tumblr…. , stiles is the only one that keep me watching this show until 1st and half of the 2nd season, but it turn to another big way on the 3rd season, well…. if you like stiles character, the 3B season will be a heaven for you ;) 

…….. or hell……